Continuum World sets NFT land sale for December

Continuum World digital universe is about to supply up its first NFT land sale this December. In all, there will likely be a complete of 20,000 parcels of wind up on the market. The land parcels can be found in several sizes. Furthermore, they’ll have totally different qualities and rarity.  Lands are available small, medium, and huge, and relying on the dimensions of the land acquired can include as much as 5 biomes. For instance, a medium land parcel will include 3 biomes. There are 6 biomes in all.

There are 6 biomes out there in Continuum World: forest, grassland, rocky, glacial, volcanic, and mystical. Every biome is totally different from the opposite. Moreover, inside every biome are an extra 3 kinds of rarity.

The most typical sort of rarity is rarity 1 and the rarest is a 3. The most typical rarity could have the most typical sources shared throughout all 3 rarities. Nonetheless, the rarity 3 could have fewer frequent sources which could be gathered.

Moreover, every biome diversifies additional by means of its ‘Richness’ traits, which pertains to the variety of sources a Land has. Once more, there are 3 ranges that outline this richness. They’re Common, Ample, and Rich. Due to this fact, the Lands with essentially the most sources can even permit for the potential for gathering Uncommon and even Legendary sources.

Gamers will nonetheless should discover different islands to find these uncommon sources.

Inside Continuum World

Continuum World Land Costs.

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Costs on Continuum World are contingent on the dimensions of the parcel of land and its Rarity and Richness. For the sale every parcel of land is given a star from 1 to five.

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Costs begin at $25 {dollars} for a 1 star parcel, $50 for a 2 star, $75/3 star, $100/ 4 star and $150 for a 5 star parcel.  You have to the native UM token to buy the Land.

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