Evolution Land 1st, Dec Update|Rogue-Like Gameplay

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Isn’t the Feathermoon very horrible?

EVE will provide courageous explorer the sturdy buff card to boost the apostle staff potential for these!

Will probably be the primary blockchain sport with rogue-like gameplay.

Opening Choices

Table of Contents

When you begin your gameplay, you possibly can choose a gap choice. These choices will assist you to decide on your staff sort.


Throughout the exploration course of, you possibly can additionally get buffs when you accomplished the stage.

The buffs are divided into 3 ranges: Uncommon, Epic, and Legendary.

For regular stage: 67% for a uncommon buff, 28% for an epic buff, 5% for a legendary buff.

For boss stage: 100% for legendary buff

The legendary buff will considerably improve your apostle staff potential and can have an effect on the way in which to construct your apostle staff.

Now, even the poor staff might have the prospect to slay the dragon!

What’s the subsequent?

  1. Gear and Profession system to boost the apostle potential and likewise extra stronger monsters.
  2. Thrilling PVP gameplay!

Current occasion

  1. Mytrade mining pool with RING-USDT:
  2. NFT mining with NFTrade:

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