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Within the two weeks because the final DAO Committee report, two factors of curiosity (POI) have been added to the Decentraland map, one tier two grant proposal was authorized, and 10 group polls have handed.

On December 11, the DAO held its second city corridor. Through the occasion the group mentioned plenty of key points, together with worth discount and voting energy related to names, voting energy for Layer 1 wearables, considerations surrounding the administration and possession of District X, and amongst different points, a brand new three-tiered proposal course of to extend the efficacy of our governance course of.

At the moment there isn’t a consensus on easy methods to resolve many of those points, nevertheless, group members usually agreed that extra deliberation and debate was obligatory earlier than figuring out easy methods to proceed. Over the approaching weeks, the DAO Facilitator will manage working teams to debate impacts and implementation pathways surrounding the problem of names and VP for L1 wearables. New proposals can be submitted for group consideration as soon as the three-tiered voting course of has come into impact.

As soon as carried out, the brand new voting procedures ought to enhance our group’s capability to resolve difficult governance points that at the moment shouldn’t have distinct binding vote classes. The method will embody three phases: 1) an preliminary group ballot to gauge group perceptions; 2) a draft proposal to deepen debate and focus on impacts and implementation pathways; and three) a binding governance proposal. Every stage can have progressively rising submission and passage thresholds and a proposal format to make sure all proposals that attain the binding governance stage comprise well-thought out affect assessments and implementation pathways. The proposal to implement this voting course of is at the moment ongoing.

Lastly, over the approaching weeks the DAO can be rolling out its devoted Discord server. We are going to open channels within the server as they turn out to be related with a view to facilitate, and to an extent mirror, our governance course of. This may start with a channel for dialogue of grants normally and a particular channel for every particular grant that’s authorized for funding by the DAO.

Factors of Curiosity

Two factors of curiosity have been added to Decentraland’s map because the final report.

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96,-4: Chibi Nation

  • Sure 100% 951,933 VP (45 votes)
  • No 0% 0 VP (0 votes)

-48,103: CollecOnline

  • Sure 99% 887,517 VP (70 votes)
  • No 1% 6,275 VP (3 votes)

Identify bans

Two names have been banned because the earlier report. To see the not too long ago banned names, go to and filter proposals by “Identify Ban”.

Catalyst Nodes

No Catalyst nodes have been added because the final report.

Grant requests

Since December 1, one grant has been authorized and the vesting contract can be established inside 7-10 days. A tier 6 Grant failed to satisfy the 6M vote threshold.

SugarClub video server upgrade proposal (Tier 2)

  • Sure 99% 2,819,640 VP (71 votes)
  • No 1% 10 VP (1 vote)


Should channels for each grant be created on Discord?

  • Add channels 98% 106,054 VP (25 votes)
  • Don’t add channels 1% 2,000 VP (1 vote)
  • Invalid query/choices 1% 1 VP (1 vote)

The DAO has voted so as to add discord channels for every grant within the Decentraland Discord server. This function can be designed into the governance app backlog, and carried out over the approaching month(s). Throughout this era the DAO can be opening a devoted Discord server for DAO group and operations. Channels for particular grants can be opened on this server.

In Decentraland, should we make name plates 25% larger and name text 25% larger and yellow for minted Decentraland Names, so that they are more visible than the non-minted names?

  • Sure 67% 788,037 VP (97 votes)
  • No 33% 392,736 VP (2 votes)

The DAO has expressed its want for a function to allow bigger identify show plates for minted names, to make these avatars extra simply recognizable. The DAO Committee has communicated this request to the Decentraland Basis.

Refund MANA Difference for Wearables Submitted by Creators After the Publication Fee Adjustment Poll and Before its Enactment

  • Sure 67% 788,037 VP (97 votes)
  • No 33% 392,736 VP (2 votes)
  • Invalid query/choices 0% 0 VP (0 votes)
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The DAO has voted to refund the publication value distinction to wearable creators for wearables submitted after the passing of the latest wearable publication price worth adjustment proposal, and earlier than the adjustment was carried out. This may affect wearables printed between the dates of November seventh, 2021 – when the proposal handed – and when the choice was carried out on November 26, 2021. This may have an effect on 400 MANA refunds for about 34 totally different collections, comprising 141 gadgets. This refund can be calculated and returned to addresses that minted every impacted assortment over the approaching weeks.

Status of Original Contributors of District X

  • Full possession of Land to Contributors 67% 1,026,084 VP (38 votes)
  • Royalty system for Unique Contributors 1% 1 VP (6 votes)
  • Invalid query/choices 32% 497,831 VP (8 votes)

Members of the DAO have voted to return “full possession of Land to Contributors of District X,” previously often called “Crimson Mild District.” Enacting this proposal would require modification of LAND’s core sensible contract, which is past the scope of this ballot. The DAO thus has no pathway to implement this proposal.

Should we convert 1/8th of the DAO’s MANA to stablecoin to diversify and stabilize the treasury?

  • For 83% 9,188,924 VP (46 votes)
  • In opposition to 17% 1,907,835 VP (19 votes)

The DAO has voted to transform 1/eighth of the treasury’s MANA to stablecoin, with a view to diversify and stabilize the treasury. The DAO Committee will authorize a transaction to transform 4,357,187 MANA to equal proportions of USDT, USDC and DAI.

Percentage based VP

  • I approve of this improve! 79% 1,455,907 VP (27 votes)
  • Preserve it as it’s. 21% 392,953 VP (6 votes)

Members of the DAO have voted to implement a share based mostly VP system. At the moment, technical implementation pathways and impacts of this proposal are usually not recognized and extra analysis and dialogue is critical. This proposal must be resubmitted following restructuring of the DAO proposal course of.

Exposing root node for more unique wearable designs

  • Sure 99% 83,276 VP (22 votes)
  • No 1% 1 VP (1 vote)

Members of the DAO have voted to “expose root node for extra distinctive wearable designs” with a view to facilitate extra progressive and distinctive wearable designs. This function request has been communicated to the Decentraland Basis Unity Staff.

Should the marketplace be expanded to include rental agreements?

  • Lengthen the Market 100% 1,537,068 VP (63 votes)
  • Preserve it the way in which it’s 0% 0 VP (2 votes)
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The DAO has voted to develop the Decentraland Market to incorporate capabilities for arranging Land rental agreements. This function request has been communicated to the Decentraland Basis World Staff.

Should Scene Pools have the option for Purchase?

  • Sure, Want Buy choice 52% 427,495 VP (15 votes)
  • No, Preserve it view solely 45% 387,214 VP (2 votes)

Members of the DAO have voted to allow buy of scenes from the Scene Pool. Creators of those scenes haven’t consented to sale of their builds, and Decentraland doesn’t have the IP rights of those scenes.

Change the price of claiming a unique name

  • 25 MANA 50% 1,287,091 VP (43 votes)
  • 50 MANA 1% 5,488 VP (6 votes)
  • 100 MANA 48% 1,209,512 VP (81 votes)

Over the previous two weeks, there have been a number of proposals surrounding the problem of identify costs and related voting energy. Debates predominantly encompass decreasing the worth of a reputation from 100 to 25 MANA, and what affect this could have on VP and in regard to early traders in names. It’s clear that this is a crucial concern to the group, nevertheless, there isn’t a consensus on pathways ahead right now. Through the latest City Corridor, group members usually agreed, nevertheless, that additional dialogue was obligatory and that this concern must be reapproached throughout the framework of the restructured 3-stage proposal course of (ought to that proposal be authorized).

Energetic Proposals

Factors of Curiosity

Add the location -52,140 to the Points of Interest

Add the location 59,132 to the Points of Interest

Add the location -134,-43 to the Points of Interest

Add the location 150,49 to the Points of Interest

Add the location -68,128 to the Points of Interest

Add the location 4,-110 to the Points of Interest

Add the location -55,-129 to the Points of Interest

Add the location 88,77 to the Points of Interest

Add the location 37,-114 to the Points of Interest


Increase Height Limit

Hope the official can improve the operating experience

Presale and whitelist question

Should L1 wearables be given voting power

Can the DAO monetize PETs

Hide POIs wit ha default scene name from the DCL Map

Creation of a property plot in the decentraland sky

Add more land to reduce market price

DAO Governance Proposal Stages

Allow users to upload their own wearable to dress their own avatar

Let land owner to choose a color for their parcel (for map preview)


Construction of a Nuraghe (Tier 1)

Expanding and improving WonderZone (Tier 6 resubmission)

Theatre for Stage Acting (Tier 5)

DAO Governance Squad (Tier 5)

Decentraland Suicide Preventative Safe Place (Tier 3)

Update existing VR and AR experience creator/builder to support Decentraland (Tier 6)

90s rave wearables collection (Tier 2)

Keep Polygon transactions for free (Tier 4)

Rhino Wearables – a Decentraland Wearable content creator (Tier 2)

BeatBlox: Decentraland’s Music Platform (Tier 6)

Meta Mall. Virtual-but-Real Shopping (Tier 6)

First MetaVet clinic (Tier 4)

Community Module Creation: Gallery (Tier 2)

Identify bans

There are at the moment two energetic identify ban proposals. To see the energetic identify ban proposals, go to and filter proposals by “Identify Ban”.

For questions or feedback please contact the DAO Facilitator, Matimio (Discord: Matimio#4673)

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