Join the Fleet: Star Atlas Launches its Inaugural On-chain Gameplay Experience

December 16, 2021 is a historic day for Star Atlas, a the second of grand enlargement into the next dimension with the creation of its key foundational layer, gameplay, permitting gamers to totally management and make the most of their metaverse property.

The brand new function, accessible beneath the Faction Fleet tab on, creates direct interoperability between the Solana blockchain and the gamers, permitting for the creation of complicated gameplay mechanics, a complicated financial system in addition to 2D and 3D interactivity — all fully on-chain.

This pillar of the decentralized metaverse is itself a significant evolutionary development of the core of Star Atlas, its Galactic Market, released in Q3 of 2021, and is on monitor to be constantly increasing with new gameplay modules set out within the public Star Atlas Roadmap.

The primary gameplay performance is known as Ship Commissions on Distant Expeditions or SCORE for brief, absolutely accessible through an online browser.

Shipped to the worldwide Star Atlas group through the Shipmas season, between two waves of recent spaceship NFT drops and in spirit of charitable giving, SCORE offers gamers the flexibility to enlist their very own Star Atlas spaceship NFTs from the Galactic Marketplace into the fleet of their very own faction: MUD, the ONI Consortium or the Ustur Sector.

By picking a side, becoming a member of the trigger and volunteering the ships, gamers are serving to their faction safe and broaden management over their respective Council of Peace (COP) safety zones in deep house, selecting a path of exploration.

As house is an unforgiving atmosphere and heated conditions throughout ship missions are unavoidable, gamers must hold their ships maintained. As fleet managers, they learn to provide them with gas, meals, ammo and keep them through repairs in an effort to hold them operating. As a reward for his or her work, they obtain faction funds within the type of ATLAS, the in-game foreign money.

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The SCORE function will likely be receiving common updates over time, increasing its performance through future modules. The concentrate on fleet administration gameplay additionally serves as an onboarding course of for gamers wanting ahead to play future modules together with the Unreal Engine 5 model. It introduces the duties and useful resource administration methods an area explorer should grasp to have the ability to absolutely profit from the alternatives through the golden age of house exploration.

As SCORE is full-fledged blueprint for what’s to return, the food, fuel, ammunition and restore toolkits are themselves NFTs whose provide could be depleted and replenished by purchasing them on the Galactic Marketplace.

As all spaceships are totally different from each other of their attributes, each strengths and weaknesses, and because the state of affairs in deep house continues to evolve, gamers may have loads of methods to strategize the way to finest run their fleet for the time to return.

What are you ready for?

Be part of the fleet now beneath the Faction Fleet tab on!

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