Your Success Guaranteed.Top 8 NFT Influencers on Twitter Is Out. Here’s What’s In

Top 8 NFT Influencers on Twitter

Summary : Top 8 NFT Inlfuencers on Twitter | What is NFT | Twitter profiles to follow to up the game |

The Simple Formula for Your Success! Follow these Top 8 NFT Influencers on Twitter

The Simple Formula for Your Success! Follow these Top 8 NFT Influencers on Twitter

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If you are an active social media user it is likely that by now you are aware of the NFTs or might be researching on the same for its scope and future. For those who are new to NFTs, the world might be complicated and intimidating initially. 

Fortunately, numerous industry leaders are using Twitter and other social media platforms to educate, encourage, and uplift the community. Today we are going to list out the Top 8 Twitter profiles in NFTs which can come in handy from the beginners to the seasoned professionals in this array.

What is NFT (Non- Fungible Tokens)? Top 8 NFT Influencers

Non-fungible tokens are one-of-a-kind digital assets that address certifiable items like images, music, movies, and trading cards. They are kept in a digital ledger and exchanged on the internet. 

For example, instead of purchasing an actual photograph to hang on a wall, the customer receives a one-of-a-kind digital file. Almost any digital asset, such as collectible advanced characters, virtual land, or one-of-a-kind online media pieces, can be created and sold as an NFT. It is based on the blockchain model same as the cryptocurrencies.

What is Twitter? Top 8 NFT Influencers

Twitter, a social networking service founded in 2006, is without a hesitation one of the most prominent social media platforms accessible today, with 100 million daily users and over 500+ million tweets posted every day.

Twitter may be used to get headlines, follow celebs, and keep in touch with old high school palsBut today Twitter is not just confined to information. As on a single tweet, it can change the demo graphs of share markets, crypto and can also provoke and rage communities. 

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For now, keep this factor aside, Twitter is also utilized by veterans in a particular industry to educate and guide the people and the same goes with the NFT community. Here is the list of Top 8 Twitter NFT profiles.

  1. Farokh.eth

Profile- @farokh

235 K followers

Farokh Sarmad Tehrani, a well-known luxury goods Insta endorser before the NFT market boom, switched into the field in early 2021. and soon earned a reputation for himself by holding Clubhouse talks with celebs and producers around their drops.

 Farokh is an entrepreneur, investor, adviser, degen, and self-made CryptoPunk, but most notably, Farokh founded Rug Radio on Twitter Spaces.

Farokh invited legendary DJ Alesso on Rug Radio to discuss the Cosmic NFT dropping only seconds before Alesso took the stage to do his stuff.

  • DeeZe 

Profile- @DeezeFi

189.5 K followers 

DeezeFi is an NFT enthusiast and the curator of “vibes” at @fractional art where you may purchase trade, and mint fractions of NFTs and @neo_dao that help sustain and construct the metaverse’s vision. DeezeFi hosts fascinating Twitter Space talks on subjects like NFT Pricing and Fractional Fridays regularly. DeezeFi is also a speciality coffee aficionado, 

  • RealMissNFT

Profile- @RealMissNFT


RealMissNFT has been highlighting the work of young artists through her massive following and her newly established website RealMissNFT will feature the work and stories of two emerging artists every week, with the support of @BhushanVishwas. Her daily postings about NFTs include many updates on new NFT projects with high prospects.

  • Punk6529



punk6529 is an NFT collector who blogs about his NFT portfolio on He has a well numbered Twitter following, and all of his tweets provide insight into the newest activities in the NFT area.

  • Beeple
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594.1 K followers 

Beeple is among the most successful and influential accounts on the NFT-related side of Twitter. He is the artist responsible for the artwork that was purchased for $69 million. His account is filled with updates on his current projects as well as supportive remarks for other producers in the sector. Beeple is Mike Winkelmann, a digital artist who creates short films and AR/VR artworks.

  • Ohhshiny


126 K followers

Ohhshiny is the vivacious and dazzling host of the Ohhshiny Show. By holding a programme on Twitter Spaces and asking the finest and smartest minds in the NFT sector to participate, the 

Ohhshiny event brought together the freshest and greatest from the edge of the metaverse. Ohhshiny Tweets words of wisdom and encouragement daily, and is always searching for ways to give voice to people in the space that need it the most.

  • Alex Becker



Alex Becker has a YouTube channel where he covers many sorts of crypto projects, however, he has lately shifted his focus to primarily NFTs.

The trio just launched Neo Tokyo Identities, an NFT initiative, in collaboration with crypto Influencer @EllioTrades. In the minting procedure, they utilise an unconventional manner in which investors must whitelist by solving various puzzles on their Discord and his Twitter before being able to mint.

  • Beanie



Beanie’s popularity on Twitter has skyrocketed in recent months. He currently has over 96k followers on Twitter. People tune in to hear his thoughts on various projects and to hear his talks with other OG collectors. 

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He also runs Beanie Capital, which attempts to fund emerging enterprises in the NFT and Defi area. Beanie controls several top-tier NFTs, including Crypto Punks and Meta Hero. He also had a tremendous hit with Cool Cats.

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Apart from the above-mentioned profiles, there is a lot to explore but these are the sorted listed profiles based on the relevance to the community, not their followers.

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