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Zora describes themselves as a “common media registry protocol” as a option to share NFTs. They’ve created the next manifesto:

The platforms that maintain our audiences and content material hostage. The labels that lock down our rights. The galleries that maintain our artwork ransom. The massive manufacturers that assume publicity is money. They’ve a monopoly on possession, a monopoly on creativity they usually have been robbing us of the worth we create for so long as there’s been a artistic trade.

Zora is a protocol designed for the Ethereum blockchain that establishes common, perpetual markets for media within the type of ERC-721. Every bit of media is embedded with a market, consisting of a clear pool of bids. Because of this, a common buy-side liquidity pool develops for the piece of media that an proprietor can entry and act upon at any time. Every market is exclusive to the piece of media, and its bids could be inspected by anybody. Along with bids, the media proprietor might select to set an ask worth for his or her media, which is a recommended bid that may be executed by a prepared purchaser.

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