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This text will introduce tackle codecs we use in Darwinia, Crab and different testnets, and the connection between them.


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You can see completely different tackle codecs(account codecs) within the blockchain area, which might generally be complicated for non-experts. ***For individuals who need a fast reply on which format to make use of in several eventualities, skip to the part — When to Use Which***.

Beneath the floor, addresses are nothing greater than lengthy binary numbers. Nonetheless, non-printing characters are clumsy to repeat, paste and share, so addresses all the time are available in printing characters.

Why are there so many tackle codecs?

Beneath the floor, addresses are nothing greater than sequences of binary bits. Nonetheless, non-printing characters are clumsy to repeat, paste and share, so addresses all the time are available in printing characters. Completely different tackle codecs coexist for the next causes.

First, within the blockchain business, there isn’t a central establishment to handle and distribute accounts. Theoretically, accounts from two completely different blockchains could have an identical addresses, though there isn’t a connection between the 2. Subsequently, it may be a great factor that completely different blockchains undertake completely different codecs. Suppose a consumer has USDTs in two completely different blockchains. If the 2 blockchains undertake completely different tackle codecs, the possibility of complicated them is decrease. We all know that transferring property to the flawed tackle could trigger irrecoverable losses, and completely different codecs for various blockchains can at the very least partly mitigate such points.

Secondly, addresses of the identical format can use prefixes to differentiate completely different networks. For instance, Substrate-based blockchains reminiscent of Polkadot and Darwinia undertake the tackle format of SS58. Aside from a generic Substrate tackle(beginning with the quantity 5), an account can have completely different addresses in several networks. We’ll clarify it intimately within the part — More on Substrate Addresses.

As well as, compatibility can be a priority. Darwinia(with its testnets) is a Substrate-based blockchain and a participant of the Polkadot ecosystem. We additionally help good contracts and dApps developed for Ethereum, and builders can port their good contracts or dApps to our networks with the least modification. Subsequently, each account has an Ethereum format tackle, a 42-character hexadecimal tackle that begins with 0x, which we name a DVM tackle.

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We’ll clarify the connection between a DVM tackle and a Substrate tackle with an instance.

Deal with Codecs by an Instance

Deal with Technology

Let’s create/restore an account from a 12-word mnemonic seed in MetaMask. Right here we use

dutch walnut battle make gorilla tomorrow oblige earth present muscle auto cry

NOTE: The tackle used right here is just for instructional functions, and DO NOT switch or deposit any property to it.

After some setting, you’re going to get the Ethereum tackle.


Now, if you happen to hook up with different Ethereum-compatible networks, the tackle won’t change. We are able to attempt to connect to Crab, which is Ethereum-compatible, and you will notice the tackle is similar, and that’s what we name a DVM tackle.

Deal with Conversion

However in our Apps Portal, when a consumer tries to switch property(CRAB/CKTON) to a different tackle within the Crab community, the receiving tackle ought to be within the Substrate format. Customers can use the online converter to transform a DVM tackle to a Substrate one.


This tackle factors to the identical account in Crab because the DVM tackle. Belongings transferred to this tackle will be seen within the DVM tackle with MetaMask.

Extra on Substrate Addresses

Extra sophisticated nonetheless, the Substrate format accommodates an tackle sort prefix that identifies an tackle as belonging to a particular community. The tackle we have now generated is a generic Substrate tackle, which begins with the quantity 5.

You should use the Subscan tool to transform this generic tackle into addresses utilized in different Substrate-based blockchains.

Sort Deal with Generic 5ELRpquT7C3mWtjepyjZgHHxwJVzRHEGXiyXd5HXanHmTVSp Darwinia 2qSbd2umtD4KmV2X6CczceumRf4w6t7n19gNrfrJUG24hsnZ Crab 5ELRpquT7C3mWtjepyjZgHHxwJVzRHEGXiyXd5HXanHmTVSp

We are able to see that the Darwinia tackle begins with the quantity 2 and the Crab tackle is similar because the generic tackle.

It is very important perceive that completely different community codecs are merely different representations of the identical public key in a private-public keypair generated by an tackle technology device. In different phrases, so long as you’ve gotten the personal key or the 12-word mnemonic seed, you’ve gotten entry to all these addresses.

When to Use Which

For Apps Portal customers

  • If you’re related to Darwinia Community and wish to switch RING/KTON from an account to a different, be sure to make use of the Substrate tackle for Darwinia, which begins with the quantity 2, for the ‘ship to handle’ enter field.
  • If you’re related to Crab Community and wish to switch CRAB/CKTON from an account to a different, be sure to make use of the Substrate tackle for Crab, which begins with the quantity 5, for the ‘ship to handle’ enter field.
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For Smart App customers

  • If you wish to switch property(CRAB/CKTON) from a Crab Sensible tackle to a Substrate tackle for Crab, you hook up with the Sensible Module within the Crab Community with MetaMask and fill the receiving account’s Substrate tackle for Crab, which begins with the quantity 5, within the ‘Vacation spot tackle enter field.
  • If you wish to switch property(CRAB/CKTON) from a Substrate tackle for Crab to a Crab Sensible tackle, you hook up with the Crab Community with polkadot{.js} and fill the receiving account’s DVM tackle, which begins with 0x, within the Vacation spot tackle enter field.

For Wormhole customers

  • If you wish to switch property(RING/KTON) from Ethereum to Darwinia, the Recipient half ought to be a Substrate tackle for Darwinia, which begins with the quantity 2.
  • If you wish to switch property(RING/KTON) from Darwinia to Ethereum, the Recipient half ought to be an actual Ethereum tackle, which begins with 0x.


Some third-party builders have ported their good contracts or dApps from Ethereum to Crab Community. Customers work together with these third-party good contracts or dApps with MetaMask or different Ethereum-compatible pockets, so DVM addresses are utilized in most instances.


For individuals who have an interest within the particulars of the tackle conversion, we’ll use the identical instance to clarify how an EVM tackle is transformed to a Substrate tackle utilized in Darwinia Community with the next diagram step by step.

(We categorical the byte arrays in hexadecimal for comfort.)

Let’s begin with the Ethereum-compatible tackle(DVM Deal with) used within the earlier instance.


  • AccountID Prefix (11 bytes)

We add a hard and fast prefix earlier than the DVM tackle. The prefix consists of “dvm:” and seven bytes of zero-padding. Then we have now 31 bytes.


Then a easy checksum, which is the results of byte-wise xor operation of the 31 bytes, is appended on the finish. Right here, the checksum-1 is 0x54. Then we have now 32 bytes.


This sequence of 32 bytes is a traditional SubKey public key which is used for storage and switch in Substrate-based blockchains. It can be known as an AccountID.

  • Deal with Sort Prefix (1 bytes)
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The tackle sort prefix identifies which community the tackle is used. For Darwinia, it’s 18 or 0x12. Prepend it to the AccountID and we have now 33 bytes.


Then 2 bytes of checksum is to appended on the finish. The steps of calculating the checksum are as follows:

  1. Concatenate the string ‘SS58PRE’(0x53533538505245) and the earlier 33 bytes to get a momentary byte array of size 40. (The string ‘SS58PRE’ won’t be included within the closing tackle.)


2. Use the hash operate Blake2–512 on this byte array to get a digest of 64 bytes(512bits), and the primary two bytes, 0xE2AA, are the checksum. Append the checksum to the 33 bytes, and we have now a byte array of size 35.


The ultimate step is to encode the byte array with Base58Check encoding, and the Substrate tackle utilized in Darwinia community is:


About Darwinia Community

Darwinia Community is a decentralized cross-chain bridge community constructing on Substrate, which is the “cross-chain bridge hub” of the Internet 3.0 Metaverse. It supplies a protected and common bridging resolution, connects to Polkadot, Ethereum, TRON, and different heterogeneous chains by cross-chain switch of property and distant chain calls.

Darwinia Community has gained excessive status and recognition alongside the way in which to construct the decentralized cross-chain bridge protocol. In 2020, Darwinia was written in Polkadot light-paper as one of many associates of Polkadot and Substrate. And Darwinia was chosen to affix Substrate Builder Program and Web3.0 Bootcamp, and for the excellent work in Substrate Builder Program, Darwinia Community was formally awarded the Stage 2 badge by Parity. The merchandise and instruments developed by Darwinia have been rewarded three W3F Grants.

Darwinia has been contributing to the compatibility and interoperability of the Metaverse.

The appliance areas of Darwinia Community embody DeFi, cross-chain NFT buying and selling, video games, and many others. Darwinia additionally develops the Metaverse recreation Evolution Land.

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